New pieces in my cave

New pieces in my cave

For those of you who know me – I have an obsession with interior. When I was a child I re decorated every week and was constantly finding ways of creating a new feel to my room. Well – things haven’t changed and my friends just laugh at me. Every time they come to my apartment, something new has happened. I actually don’t notice it – I’m so used to this constant change, that I don’t give it much attention…or maybe too much attention, I don’t know?!

I think I need to start documenting more on all the ways I change things around. Some of you have been wanting more of my interior, so I’ll give it more attention from now. It is truly my 2nd passion in life.

Most of my findings and inspiration, I find from 2nd hand furniture. I think it’s more interesting than the latest Gubi chair, the over used Oslo-Lamp or even the hundreds of different copies of the Eames chair. And it’s expensive.



I like to keep things at a low cost, work with what I have and maybe I’m lucky enough to find a bargain piece somewhere, in a thrift shop or on a sale. My latest pieces are a rusty, industrial table that was bought in London and an 80’s marble side table. The contrast between the old and the new gives me life and I love how it creates different structures to my dark, little cave.


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