Sustainable and contemporary at the same time?

Sustainable and contemporary at the same time?

Is that really possible? Sustainable clothes sometimes seems to have an unjust reputation of «very alternative people walking around in hemp, drinking green tea and protesting against killing the whales». I’m not prejudiced, I just want to prove the opposite.

I truly am concerned about the way we consume. Those of you who know me, know that I’m engaging more and more into the «buy less – buy better» – culture, and I need to give praise where praise is deserved. This time I’m talking about the Norwegian brand «We Norwegians«.

We Norwegians is an apparel company based in Voss in Norway, and they are represented in 180 stores world wide. They take the natural benefits that wool have, and make garments that have a natural technical function as well as a contemporary design. As some of you may know, wool is one of the best technical material that exists, making you warm in the winter, but also less hot in the summer time. It breaths better than anything else, and doesn’t get smelly like other technical garment can. If so happens, you just hang it up «to dry» – and the smell disappear.

I visited their showroom last week, and got totally floored. (I’m not being dramatic…eh; yes I am). I was actually flabbergasted, because there are some garment I can’t find, that I’ve been looking for for years, especially nice sweat pants. I’m 6,4″ (193 cm) and it’s difficult for me to find nice sweats that is not to tight, not having the «jeans cut»-making you look like you have spider legs, being to tight in the crotch or waaaay too loose, making you look like you have diapers on.

But We Norwegians have made the perfect pair. I can’t express how excited I was seeing this – and the best part; it wasn’t sweat pant material; it was high quality wool (no it doesn’t itch). They will be in store and online from January, and they also come in three different colours of camo pattern and also in black. They are so comfortable, this is basically the only pants I wanna wear. Good job We Norwegians, contributing taking care of our planet but also making contemporary cool clothing we can wear for a lifetime.





Sweater and pants: We Norwegians

Hoodie: Gant

Jacket: Jack & Jones

Shoes: Sneaky Steve

Glasses: Tom Wood


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