Back to basic

Back to basic

I can’t keep count on all the several styles I’ve been through in my lifetime. I’ve been confusing people my entire life on what I do and who I am…and I’m sure I will keep on confusing people. I’m not standing still, that’s for sure…

The past 6 months I really felt the change of generations, and I’m not on the younger side anymore. And you know what; it actually feels really good (I never thought I would say that). After the Norwegian TV show SKAM aired, all the «millennials» got a voice, and with that, their generation started their «fashion takeover».

I will not try to keep up with them, with all their longing for the latest streetwear, expensive limited edition shoes, copying Vetements and drewling over all the different international co-labs that has been going on for way too long now, and dressing like we did back in the days when we went to «bad taste parties». That’s hot now, and I understand why actually. I think they are really cool too – but what’s not cool is when one like me tries harder then a latinos dick to deny my age, and dress up like a 23 year old kid that spent all his money on the latest Balenciaga crocs. (We will not discuss those crocs here – it’s a BAD investment, that’s for sure).

I’m more relaxed than ever with my own style, and I’m also more focused on not spending too much, buying better and buying less…..and also to buy less trend items and focus on clothes that will look good on me for a long period of time.



Old knit I found in my storage – I think I bought it in Paris 5 years ago

A gifted Wrangler denim shirt

Old Lee denims

A gifted pair of really nice Timberland shoes

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