Lucky but lonely

Lucky but lonely

So you follow all the guidelines in life, creating a better place for yourself. U stop drinking, start working out, shopping less, eating better or whatever floats your fancy. You might also find that whatever you thought was positive in life, was actually pretty toxic, and then you start eliminating who you spend your time with to create a more positive environment for yourself.

Thats great; good job! But whats next?

I’ve done this… and I’m also in the middle of it – cause it has it’s consequences. At least for now.

It’s pretty logic. You don’t want to spend time with people who you don’t´t trust and who makes you feel bad, and you shouldn’t for obvious reasons. But as you age, all the other people in your life also creates their own, with new families – taking the next step. Their work load seems to bundle up too, and suddenly no one has the same amount of time to spend on all the parties, holidays and the fun you used to have together.

That’s where I am right now, and it feels lonely, tho I totally understand and respect the time management of new families. But it still feels strange and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud, cause there are so many of us. But it’s still a taboo, so what can we do about it?



I’ve done good! I have a job that I like, and that’s still evolving and growing into new and exciting projects. Not everyone could do what I do, and I’m very blessed to get this chance in life. I’m also lucky to have a few very close friends, that I love to death. They have great values, that I truly respect, they are honest and I can trust them – so I feel I came out on the positive side of life. But still I feel lonely, cause no one has time. And I must admit it sucks dick!

I’m not sure why I write this tho… maybe it’s because I feel this is something we should talk more about. It doesn’t get easier, and with all the chaos in the world, we need each others love and support even more. And topping it with this social media crazed everyday (every second) life, we need to understand the importance of being physical present for each other, and that is something we should work on. Me too.

I’m lonely, but I’m not a loner. There’s not all kinds of people that I want to hang with either (thats why I’ve eliminated some of you out there) – I just wish people had more time, and invested their time in friendship. I want to experience more of what life has to offer; together with people I like, for the times we get older and being put on some home, so we have stories we can laugh about; together. I guess my biggest scare is to grow old with no one around. But in the end I’m very grateful for the friends I got and I’ll do my best to nurture my loved ones. Not everyone is that lucky…




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