If you got nothing to say – shut up!

If you got nothing to say – shut up!

For a very long time now I´ve kept my mouth and my pen in silent mode. It´s hard to contribute with even more information into «cyberspace» (is it called that anymore?) when we are constantly fed with unnecessary «facts» about nothing. Rarely is there anything useful when it comes to the amounts of «alternative bullshit» we are fed every second of the day…and I doubt we are THAT hungry. (yeah, I talk about blogging).

I live by several rules, and one of them is; «if you got nothing to say – shut up!» (maybe not a good idea, since I obviously have a blog too, I don´t know?!) So I´ve been shutting my mouth for quite a while in search for anything useful to contribute with and actually anything useful at all within an industry I used to love so much; fashion. I mean, there are limits of how many variations of a green juice you can make (yeah, I get it; you too also wanna appear healthy, whatever that means…and you worked in fashion you said?), and I don´t need «10 tips on how to spend my Sunday» (if you don´t know how to – you basically lost in life) I never either understood the guides that shows us «5 ways to tie a scarf»… Seriously……..? Who needs that crap?! I guess we should know by now how to put that fabric around our necks…or maybe I actually need more help then I knew, to be able to function in society or life itself?! I also react strongly to uneducated bloggers that serves a «cheaper is always better»-attitude, when we all know, or at least should know, if you actually care, that after oil, the fashion industry is one of the most damaging industries in the world to mother nature…and who would treat a mother like that?!

It´s all just too much, and yeah; I been a part of the whole thing too…and I still «contribute» on my Instagram with daily updates of my life…and people seem to follow. But just like fashion, we always change, and once again I feel a major switch of energy in myself too.


The best people


This summer I went to Ibiza. I was with a very well curated group of friends from New York, and it ended up being the best vacation of my life, and actually partly life changing. Everyone was super positive, grateful for whatever happened, had no worries about finances, their bodies, what to wear or what anyone else wore. It really didn´t matter…and it doesn´t. My friends, these mother fucking retards and a big love in my life, put things in place by just existing and living their life freely and happy. A lot of us don´t, tho many of us preach about the «importance of being yourself». Looking like fellow bloggers, wearing the same brands, posing outside of fashion shows in full outfits from the respective designer you are going to see, doesn´t make you YOU.


A free spirited, open minded, kind, fun, limitless and loving bunch of friend in our house in Ibiza.


To be happy shouldn´t be so difficult. To love shouldn´t be difficult… but the more I´ve been observing the people hustling around in this industry for the followers, the pictures, the likes and the attention, I notice so much desperation and lack of presence. The real love for both fashion and themselves seems to get lost in all of this industry, and for me thats very sad. It´s sad because we are co-existing, and I want to be surrounded by happy, loving, giving, open minded, creative and free spirited people….just like fashion, in my opinion, should be.

But now; what news is this really to any of us? I know I´m not the only one that have blocked other profiles because it´s just so fuc…. annoying to see them talk about how they drink their tea, talking about a new green plant they got in the house or to see their face screaming «Friyay» with a their hands forming a peace sign every single Friday (and yeah; I don´t like when people gets to me like that, so I block them to keep a positive surrounding for myself). And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg on top of all the trends that comes and goes faster than a one night stand. It´s again just too much. We are not only polluting each others lifes, but the world we actually live in is dying because of our need to be «in fashion» and on trend, not taking care of or learned to appreciate what we already have and feel a constant need to update our wardrobes because our culture is so fucked up that we can´t be seen in the same outfit twice. WTF?!



So what can I do myself? Well – I will continue to «blog». It´s not over. But for myself, I don´t see any other way then «going green». To have a bigger focus on sustainable fashion, seems like the only way to contribute with something useful. That is not only something we need more information about, but it’s the ONLY way to live if we are going to save this planet. I hope I can produce useful content in the future and that we all can learn to just shut up if we got nothing useful to say.










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